For mums who occasionally pump, storing your breast milk is a great way to keep a spare feed for you baby in the freezer and for that once off occasion when you may be away from your baby, a few bottles are all you need.  But for those mums who regularly pump and store larger quantities of breast milk, filling up their freezer with too many bottles may not be the most efficient way of storing milk.  This is why many mums start using breast milk storage bags.


All breast milk storage bags that we sell at The Pharmacy are made from food-grade BPA-free material, so your baby is not exposed to any harmful substances.  And using breast milk storage bags instead of bottles to store your breast milk minimises air and moisture and therefore protects the vitamins and nutrients in your breast milk.         

Whilst there are many brands available, there is one that seems to stand out with a point of difference.  Now available at The Pharmacy, Kiinde Twist Breast milk Storage Pouches provide the toughness and leak-proof guarantee of a bottle and have an easy open and close leak-proof twist-locking cap. Using Kiinde’s Direct Pump Adapters, Twist Pouches twist-lock into pumps from most major brands for leak-proof, transfer-free pumping - pumping your liquid gold directly into the pouch leak free!


With Kiinde Twist Pouches you also have the added benefit of not only using the bag to store your milk but you can also feed directly from Kiinde Twist Pouches completely eliminating the need to transfer your milk from bottles to bags and back again.


Feeding your baby from a bag or pouch instead of from a bottle is not only simple, but has other benefits too.  Instead of the air transfer that is required when feeding from a bottle, as your baby feeds directly from the bag or pouch, the pouch simply collapses completely eliminating gas from your baby’s meal without the need for any complicated ‘anti-colic’ venting parts.


Active-Latch Nipples are designed to teach and reward deep, wide, natural latching. By requiring suction and massaging of the nipple, they discourage ‘lazy latching’ and help to ease the transition between bottle and breast.


We are so pleased at ThePharmacy to be able to bring you the revolutionary Twist feeding system that allows collection, storage, warming and feeding of breast milk using a single pouch!