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Allay Organics

Allay Organics was founded by Julie Stegnaic in Sydney, Australia who struggled with chronic eczema most of her childhood and adult life. After years of steroid dependency, she developed topical steroid withdrawal and later red skin syndrome, taking over two years to completely recover.

The catalyst to find a natural form of relief came when her own children started to demonstrate the same soul-destroying symptoms she experienced as a child.

Our products are developed by someone who understands the physical and emotional pain caused by chronic itching and living with irritated skin.

Determined to break the cycle, and having a background in scientific and medical research, she became intensely involved in studying herbal medicine to find a natural remedy.

Over 10 years she worked on developing a combination of ingredients used in Allay Organics Calm Cream, a steroid and paraben free alternative providing symptomatic relief for dry, itchy and reactive skin.

Friends who had suffered psoriasis also found relief in using the cream and further encouraged her to develop products to alleviate their symptoms and raise awareness for the mental health of people suffering chronic skin conditions.

Not compromising on the ingredients or quality- only palm free, natural and wherever possible organic ingredients are used, eliminating known irritants, preservatives and fragrances.

Allay Organics is against all forms of animal testing and all ingredients are ethically sourced.

Proudly owned and manufactured in Australia.

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