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Who is BetterBump for?

This unique and innovative product has been designed specifically with maternal mothers in mind. The bar can be consumed by anyone looking for a delicious and healthy snack but is scientifically designed to enhance your pregnancy Before, During and After child birth.

When should I be eating BetterBump?

Women that are considering falling pregnant should start to eat the BetterBump, as the key ingredients vital for the development of a healthy baby are all built into this one delicious and convenient snack.

What will BetterBump do for me?

BetterBump has been designed to complement a well-balanced healthy diet, sleep and plenty of fluids. Together with a prenatal vitamin are all the important controllable ingredients to a healthy pregnancy. BetterBump is a delicious, healthy snack that can be conveniently consumed by women who are interested in becoming pregnant or are pregnant and want to assist in helping their bodies produce a healthy child and especially when feeding, and her energy requirement is at its highest.

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