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The big food companies continue to dial up the perceived goodness on their snacks but all they’re doing is health washing the market with bullshit claims.

Creating genuinely healthy and tasty snacks takes time and money, and shareholders don’t like that. Chief doesn’t have shareholders, just problem solvers. When we set out to make truly delicious health food with no fillers, no sugars and no preservatives, people said ’no chance’.

After years of frustrating trials, the ‘a-ha’ moment came when we re-invented an ancient curing process. It created a jerky bar that was pure and not packed with sugar. That was tender not tough. That tasted like a delicious roast and, well, nothing like jerky.

It seems too good to be true - 100% natural, preservative free, crazy low calories, packed full of goodness and taste. A healthy snack that’s actually good for you. And we actually did it!

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