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One of the most advanced Labour TENS machines available

This obstetrics TENs machine was developed as a pain relief option. Elle TENS can also be used for to help with back pain and sports injuries.

Elle TENS aspire to assist mums and their partners who are interested in natural birthing options by being able to provide them with the best and most effective Obstetrics TENS machines.

Babycare TENS make only the highest quality products known for their excellent design and ease of use. Babycare has an active medical device licence with Therapeutic Goods Australia for the Elle TENS. Elle TENS source their machines from Babycare in the United Kingdom, where Elle TENS is a best seller and has been endorsed by the UK midwife association.

Elle TENS goal is to increase awareness of expectant mums and their birthing partners in the benefits of using Elle TENS during labour and also the range of benefits Elle TENS can offer post birth.

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