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Jenny Benson and Pam Bellis first met when their children went to the same village nursery. Little did they know that this friendship would turn into a business partnership which would last over thirty years’. Their experience in product design and various manufacturing processes enabled them to develop a baby product which is now sold in several countries worldwide.

Stay-Put Cutlery was inspired when Jenny was watching her daughter feed her young baby. The child took the spoon from her mother’s hand and threw it to the floor. Jenny commented “history repeats itself, you did that to me when you were a baby.” Unbeknown to Jenny her own mother, the child’s great grandmother had entered the room and was observing the scene too and said “Yes, and you did the same thing to me when you were a baby too!”

It seemed ridiculous to Jenny and Pam that the problem experienced by parents around the world had become accepted behaviour at mealtime. It became the light bulb moment which inspired the invention which became known as Stay Put Cutlery, which not only prevents cutlery falling to the floor at mealtime (much to the delight of parents) but it also encourages early feeding from as young as 9 months, a feature which provides early learners with an extraordinary developmental

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