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Chad Diba, a pharmacist with more than 20 years’ experience in the medical industry and a father of three, recognised the need for high-end diagnostic products without the high-end price tag. He felt it was imperative for the industry and community alike to have access to a range of products that meet and exceed the high level of standards expected within the industry while boasting great value.

It was with this notion that Medescan was born. After searching the world for the latest technology, Medescan looked to bring in the 1st of its products, an Infrared Thermometer, when it became apparent that Infrared is the way of the future. With the technology proven across Europe and the United States, Medescan embarked on bringing the technology to Australia. After what seemed like endless testing to ensure the technology is safe, accurate and reliable, Medescan applied and received TGA approval.

Medescan’s first product, Medescan Touchless Thermometer, was launched early in 2011 with positive acclaim and feedback from the Australian medical industry, community and media.

With this great start, Medescan has continued to bring the world’s latest and greatest technology to Australia and now with great success across the globe.

Medescan is currently sold across several continents in markets such as USA, UK, New Zealand and the Middle East.

The Medescan quality has also withstood extreme scrutiny and testing by the toughest of critics. Medescan has won several contracts including the right to sell to the UK ambulance service.

Medescan is committed to bringing you the latest in technology and best quality products at unbeatable value.

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