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Rashoodz Baby & Toddler Swimwear

Swimwear With Unique Attachable Hat & Nappy Clips

Rashoodz Swimwear was designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Two clever Mums figured out a need for swimwear that allowed for a free easy and sun-safe time at the beach or pool. They managed to design a swimsuit that has an attachable hat to stop their own children from taking their hats off constantly. They added clips in the crotch of the baby swimsuits to allow them to easily change their children's nappies.

The patented Rashoodz design has a legionnaire’s hat attached to the collar by clips, which stops the baby or young child from being able to pull it off constantly. If the hat does manage to be taken off, it will then not be lost because it will be attached to the back of their swimsuit or rash shirt. This design helps eliminate that constant search for lost hats and tedious struggle with babies to keep their hat on.

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