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Does your medication taste terrible?

We can change the flavour. Yes, we can make it taste like chocolate, cheesecake or even bacon. We are not joking, you can have bacon, but there are many other great flavour options.


Find it difficult to give your children medication?

We can change the flavour or even change the way you give the medication. How does a medicated lollipop sound?


Are you allergic to some ingredients?

We can in many cases change the ingredients, to make your medication allergy free.


Difficulty swallowing pills or tablets?

How about we make your medication as a lozenge, a liquid, or even a lollipop. Yes, adults can have lollipops too.


Your doctor requires a different dose of a medication, that is not available from the manufacturer.

We can customise your dose, just how the doctor prescribed.


Medication for your pet.

We work in conjunction with your vet, to get the best outcomes for your pet. How about a medicated, liver flavoured dog treat?

Our specialist compounding pharmacists work with your doctor, to customise medication to meet the your individual needs.

If you would like more information or have a compounding prescription, please contact us via the form below or
call us on 02 9569 4056

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