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Do you have private health insurance?

Many private health insurers in Australia will provide a rebate to customers who purchase a medical device from an authorised health provider.

Which Products can I claim?
Health Fund Rebates

Products that are defined as a medical device and can possibly receive a health insurance rebate will be marked with the previous image.

Products that maybe claimed include:

  • TENS Machines
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Surgical Stockings & Pressure garments
  • Nebuliser and spacers (asthma)
  • Knee & Shoulder Braces
  • Walking Frames
  • Low Vision Aids
How do I make a claim?

ThePharmacy is a government recognised healthcare provider. When you purchase a product that maybe claimed, ThePharmacy will when requested, provide an official pharmacy receipt signed by our pharmacist. Depending on your health insurance provider this maybe sufficient to make your health insurance claim.

For some items, a doctor or allied health professional may have to provide a letter stating you require the medical device for prevention or treatment of a condition. For example some health insurers would require a letter from a physiotherapist for the purchase of a TENS machine. Whereas most health insurance companies do not require this for a blood pressure machine.

Some health insurance providers such as Bupa, require you to purchase your items from a recognised provider. ThePharmacy is a recognised provider of Bupa Health Insurance.

We advise that you call your health insurance provider to confirm how much you can claim. We recommend that you take note of the name of the advisor or call reference number as differing information can sometimes be obtained from one health insurance advisor to the next.

Example Savings?
Example 1
  • Product: Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Insurance Provider: Bupa
  • Cover Level: Platinum
  • Rebate: 85% of product cost up to $200
  • Frequency: One Blood Pressure Monitor Per year
Total Savings:Up to $200 discount on your next blood pressure monitor.

Example 2
  • Product: TENS Machine
  • Insurance Provider: Bupa
  • Cover Level: Platinum
  • Rebate: 85% of product cost up to $200
  • Frequency: One TENS Machine every three years
Total Savings:Up to $200 discount on your next TENS Machine.

Please note: not all private health insurers offer a rebate and we recommend talking to your fund/plan to see if it applies to you. Examples given were correct at the time of writing and we do not warrant their validity as the health fund may change it's policy at any time.

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