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Product Returns


From the 1st March 2020, we will be temporarily suspending our EASY returns policy. This means we will no longer provide a refund or exchange where you have changed your mind about the products you have purchased from ThePharmacy.

If you have purchased more than you require of an item, we encourage you to share those items with those in need. This could be a local community organisation, friends, family or neighbours. Whilst doing so, please ensure you adhere to any local laws and are practicing social distancing.

ThePharmacy Sent the Wrong Product

We have sophisticated systems to ensure you get the correct products every time, however if we do make a mistake and send the wrong product, you can send it straight back to us reply paid (no charge to you). Once we receive the incorrect product (unopened and unused) we will promptly send a replacement. If the item has been opened, used or the packaging has been damaged we will be unable to accept the return. Just let us know by filling out the return request form below or in your account dashboard and we will provide you will the required return shipping label.

Please note that if you send an item back without contacting us first, we are unable to: refund for your cost of shipping or cover the item if it is lost or damaged in transit. We will also have to delay sending the replacement item until your original item arrives to our facility. We organise all returns through our transport partners and this is billed to us as part of our commercial agreement with the carrier. So to keep it simple, if we have made a mistake, let us take the responsibility and costs of getting the correct item to you asap. Fast, easy and free

Faulty Product

If you wish to return an item that you believe is faulty, it may be necessary for the item to be returned to the manufacturer for assessment to determine whether or not you are entitled to an exchange, refund or repair. If the item is faulty, then we will do one of the following actions (Depending on the Manufactures Policy):

  1. Place you in contact with the manufacturer for direct warranty support
  2. Exchange the product
  3. Give you an account credit
  4. Refund you for the product

If you need to return an item, simply fill out the "Orders and Returns" form below or login to your account dashboard and select the product Returns link. Fill out the form and try to give as much detail as possible, as to why you would like to return the item. The more detail we receive the faster we can process your request.

We'll notify you once we've received your returns request and assist you further.

When an item is returned for exchange or an account credit it will be processed as soon as possible. When returning an item for exchange or a account credit, please allow appropriate time for:

  1. Transport of the item to ThePharmacy
  2. Processing of your exchange or gift voucher
  3. If exchange: Transport of your new item back to you